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    Free Waves plugin revealed: TrueVerb reverb free today only!


    In a previous post, I tried to guess what kind of plugin will be offered this Black Friday for free at Waves.

    I said “I tried” because I was not even close. But now all that matters is that we found out finally what gift we receive. It is a reverb, so that all those who bet, must pass on to the cashier to take their money :). Moreover, it is not a new plugin, is a little old, but with enough feedback from serious producers.

    Not to lengthen the suspense (drum roll, please!), ladies and gentelmen, the free Waves Black Friday plugin this year is TrueVerb! TrueVerb is a professional room emulator and reverb, featuring a flexible graphic interface and powerful editing parameters. It combines reverb with an Early Reflections simulator to create extraordinarily natural-sounding virtual acoustic spaces.

    TrueVerb is perfect for vocals, guitars, pianos etc, and improves the mix, what could you expect from Waves?! It is good that this plugin has already a lot of tutorials on the internet, so to use it at full capacity will not be a problem.

    TrueVerb is now available for all, free download in the next 23 hours in exchange for your email address, needed for download link. Do not despair if it will not come right away in your inbox, you may have to wait a couple of hours, especially now when the servers are overloaded.

    Also, you may take advantage of the Waves Black Friday Sale, with tons of discounts and offers.


    Free Waves plugin revealed: TrueVerb room emulator and reverb free today only!

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