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    Meow the Drums – free Just Blaze drum kit from early 2000s


    Keeping an old promise, American hip hop record producer Justin Smith better known as Just Blaze, has announced the release of Meow the Drums, a free sample pack containing drum samples from the songs he produced between 2001 and 2005.

    When Run the Jewels launched their Kickstarter for Meow the Jewels (a strange but intriguing cat-sampling remix album of Run the Jewels 2 LP), Just Blaze instead of giving money, promised that when/if the campaign will successfully end, he will reward everyone with some of his drum samples used in 2001-2005 era. That time has arrived!

    In the above mentioned period, Just Blaze produced memorable tracks for Jay Z, Fabolous, The Game and much more. Now, producers looking to replicate the sound of Pump it Up, Breathe, What We Do, Church For Thugs etc, thanks to the generosity of JB, can have the kit for themselves, completely free.

    In a statement, Just Blaze thanks to all who contributed to make Meow The Jewels a success, and explains why he released the “good amount of the signature drums I used on many records in the early half of the 2000’s”. Also we find out that the drum samples are raw, relatively unprocessed files, being extracted straight out of his MPC. Going further, Blaze says that he “used a lot of layering, compression, and EQ/mix techniques to get these things to sound like the drums many of you knew and loved”.

    Meow the Drums has tons of one shot drum samples, mainly kicks and snare/claps, and is split into three folders: Organic Drums Fixed, Rap Drums 1 and Rap Drums 2. Besides the kicks and snares, you will find some snare rolls, tambourines and various chops.

    The download size is 7MB compressed as ZIP. To get the pack, you will have to fill in some info and your email address. If you’re impatient, get it here now fast.


    Meow the Drums – free Just Blaze drum kit from early 2000s

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