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    Review: Lost Archive sample pack by ModeAudio


    Lost Archive by ModeAudio is a sample library exploring the deep and melancholic spectrum of trip hop music.

    From the beginning, I like that it successfully manages to swim against the current. Keeping the melody to a more simple level, it comes with subtle variations that put the listener’s brain in function, and causes all sorts of ideas. Constructive ideas.

    Audio demo:

    Besides its moderate mainstream level, Lost Archive has some drama in it, combining in an easily accepted way the rhythm with the grandeur, the epic with the deja vu. Is clear to us that the authors are qualified in this field, the sounds showing a self control and solid structure found only to professionals.

    Lost Archive is announced for trip hop, but it can easily integrated into pop, ambient, downtempo, hip hop and urban productions. It is accessible as structure, and comes with all the usual elements found in such collections, but also a number of synth tails to whom I have found immediate use in a project for an indie game. These tails add a smooth and natural decay, and they’re a fun way to alter and enrich existing loops or synth shots.

    But the main attraction is the vast library of loops and one shots. The one shots “department” is represented by 90 drum samples & SFX plus 54 synth stab samples, while the library of loops come with 152 basslines, drum loops, guitars, pads, SFX and synths. The really helpful 94 MIDI files come to complete this gorgeous collection. All loops are carefully crafted and each has something to offer, be it inspiration or listening pleasure. The stabs are key-labelled and together with the various drum shots and MIDI files, allow you to create completely new things.

    Lost Archive features:

    • Loops:
      • 35 drum loops & percussion
      • 25 bass guitar & synth bass loops
      • 20 electric guitar loops
      • 37 synth lead loops (arps, keys, synth chords & more)
      • 20 synth pad loops
      • 15 SFX loops & ambiences
    • One shots:
      • 15 kick samples
      • 17 clap & snare samples
      • 20 hi hat samples (open & closed)
      • 18 shaker & percussion samples
      • 25 SFX samples
    • 54 synth stab samples (key-labelled)
    • 81 synth tail samples
    • 94 MIDI loops (tempo & key-labelled)

    All the samples are recorded in 24-bit WAV format and they’re 100% royalty free. The download size is 568MB compressed ZIP file, when extracted, the collection takes 669MB from your disk space.

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    In conclusion, Lost Archive is a very useful sample pack for both amateurs and professionals, offering a vast collection of valuable sounds, with plenty of creativity and incredibly cool. It is designed by musicians and addressed to musicians.

    More info:

    Lost Archive sample pack by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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