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    HighLife Samples announces DAW templates sale and free sample pack


    HighLife Samples‘ new website is online- a reason to celebrate with 20% discount for all DAW templates.

    This DAW templates (aka DAW project files) at HighLife Samples come with full arrangements, all WAV files, MIDI files, instrument presets, mixing, track leveling, groups of sidechain, drums, baselines and automation of each instrument.

    You can use them for educational and inspirational purposes- to learn from pros how to create a full, solid sounding tune, but also you can come up with your own melodies and adjustments and make the track yours, ready to be released as a commercial track.

    The following DAW templates are currently on sale:

    To get the 20% discount, all you have to do is use the 20SALE discount code at checkout. This sale is valid until December 31, 2015.

    HighLife Samples is also offering the free EDM Drops sample pack, a cool collection of 5 construction kits for EDM and uplifting trance, with MIDI files included. You can download free EDM Drops sample pack here.


    HighLife Samples

    HighLife Samples

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