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    Free Sanford Reverb VST plugin


    The Sanford Reverb is brought back to life by the generous Leslie Sanford, now completely rewritten and in 64-bit version.

    Sanford Reverb, as well as the other two freebies presented on Leslie Sanford’s website, are based on plugins originally created a few years ago, being now gradually relaunched and compiled as 64-bit plugins. This is good news for those with 64-bit DAWs. Leslie Sanford’s objective is to re-write most of his freebie plugins and eventually some of his commercial plugins.

    Sanford Reverb is a true stereo reverb, capable of simulating everything from small rooms to giant cavernous spaces. It has a dense, clean and crisp sound, making it perfect for most situations.

    Each left and right input channels come with a set of 3 early reflections that can be independently set, while the filter section allows you to shape the tone of the reverb’s output, and damping is provided to simulate wall absorption. With all of these features you can simulate almost any room. For a more animated and lively reverb, modulation is also provided to add motion to the reverb tail.

    Sanford Reverb is now available for free and instant download, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows. The download size is about 1MB compressed.

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    Free Sanford Reverb VST plugin

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