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    Free Production Course by Beatstruggles launched (+ 98% off premium courses!)


    Beatstruggles has announced that is offering a Free Production Course with original and transparent techniques which relate to most types of production.

    So if you’re keen to learn, now is the time to enroll. Beatstruggles FREE Production Course is a course sent by email. An user signs-up with their email address, and emails are sent on a weekly basis. Topics start slow, introducing basics such as a producer’s mindset and what gear to buy when starting up, which eventually moves into meatier subjects such as learning how to produce powerful drum loops, mix/master, produce a song, and how to backup your files for the long term! (Missing files are never fun..)

    To take the course, simply sign-up with your email here. If you ever feel the emails are crowding your inbox, you can always unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of every newsletter sent.

    Free Production Course video presentation:

    Beatstruggles is also offering premium courses. As an example, I’ve picked the Foundational Drum Loop Basics course, which teaches you the building blocks to create powerful drum loops. Drum loops make or break a track, and it’s hard avoiding a repetitive sound. These basics are crucial to understand and be able to manipulate your drum loops to give them realism and bounce.

    In the course, you will be introduced to a drum loop which contains all of these basics so you can see first-hand how to make a drum loop sound full and engaging. Then you will actually create a drum loop together with the tutor, passing through all the processes as you build the loop step-by-step.

    And as always, with any course at Beatstruggles, if the course didn’t help, you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


    Beatstruggles FREE Production Course

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