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    Free F9 Audio Trinity Drum Kits V1.0


    Meet F9 Audio‘s Trinity Drum Kits V1.0, a strictly limited edition sample pack featuring vintage drum machine samples touched by the holy spirit of high end gear.

    Although we do not have more information on how this package is stricty limited (I suppose that will be accessible only for a short period of time), on F9 Audio website we find a clear description of the pack. They chose three famous drum machines, sampled them through top end pre-amps and hardware equalizers, then treated with some compressors and distortion, and delivered them to the world in a suite of popular formats.

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    And to dispel the mystery, the three drum machine in question are the overused Roland TR-808 and TR-909 (who I think they don’t need too much description) and my beloved drum sound ever, the sound of Linn LM-1 that fascinated me for years in Prince’s songs, especially that fat and airy snare sound which gave the tone in songs like Raspberry Beret or Little Red Corvette. At least for me, the fact that contains Linn LM-1 samples, convinced me to download it.

    I confirm that Trinity Drum Kits V1.0 deserves all the attention, especially as the sounds are solid, it is clear that they are passed through quality treatment, and their variety is overwhelming, I was surprised when I found the familiar Prince rim shot inside (I know, I sound like a groupie…).

    Trinity Drum Kits V1.0 contains 16 808’s, 14 909’s and 15 LM-1 samples. As desired format I selected “FL Studio 12”, which comes also with an FL Studio project file featuring three simple drum patterns showcasing each kit. Alongside the FL Studio 12 format, those interested have more options from which to choose: Machine 2, Ableton Live 9, Reason 8.3, Akai MPC Renaissance, Kontakt 5.0.1 (with custom GUI), Logic’s EXS 24, Battery 4 and more.

    To download the freebie, select the format, add it to cart, then checkout- where you will fill your name, address and email. Immediately after, the download link will appear in a new window.

    More info:

    Free F9 Audio Trinity Drum Kits V1.0

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