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    Free Estate Grand LE piano for sforzando by Production Voices


    A new free piano library will definitely attract any attention. At least, I was delighted to increase my arsenal of virtual pianos with Estate Grand LE, a new and free as can be library for Plogue’s sforzando SFZ player.

    Perhaps the LE from its name gave indications that Estate Grand LE for sforzando is drawn from a much larger library, in our case a 11GB library which is commercially availble at Production Voices.

    From product page, we find out that Production Voices’ Estate Grand Piano is hand-sampled from a Kawai GS60 6’9″ grand piano, and recorded with care and with only the finest equipment at a country estate in the heart of Southern Ontario Canada.

    Audio demos:

    I’ve tested it and it sounds amazing, yet here it comes my taste. I highly recommend it for its epic sound and realism. Compared to another free (popular) piano library Piano in 162 by Ivy Audio, if you ask me, I will say that is much better, with applicability in more situations, a bolder sound suited for pop or hip hop productions. But let’s be fair and do not forget that Piano in 162 is not part of any commercial product, it was thought as a freeware from the beginning.

    Estate Grand LE it sounds good dry, but with effects it turns into a real beast. Not to mention that is light, loads fast, and works through the popular sforzando. sforzando is a free and accessible SFZ player that if you don’t have it, download it here now, more and more developers come up with libraries for it, so it will be essential.

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    Moving on to the technical details, Estate Grand LE is based on 1.8+GB of uncompressed samples (791 samples), and it offers up to 10 velocity layers per key, namely up to 25 samples per note: pedal up, down and release. Further, we have 1 stereo microphone position, authentic sustain pedal up and down noises and controllable keyboard action/mechanism noises.

    Estate Grand LE works with the free Plogue sforzando, is Mac and PC compatible and 64 bit compliant. A comprehensive PDF manual with details and installation instructions is included. In order to download the free piano library, after you register to Production Voices’ newsletter, you will receive a mail with a confirmation link. Once you’ll click it, a new tab with the personalized link for your Estate Grand LE will open. Download size is 620MB compressed.

    More info:

    Free Estate Grand LE piano for sforzando by Production Voices

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      • Here is what to to. Open sforzando in FL Studio. Then, from EstateGrandLEforsforzando folder locate Estate Grand.bank and drag it in sforzando (NOT THE FOLDER, just drag Estate Grand.bank in the GUI of sforzando opened in FL Studio). You will be asked to register it, click yes.

        After that, click FILE:empty menu from sforzando and locate Estate Grand with its subfolders.

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