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    Free DR01D synthesizer for Reaktor, Max4Live & standalone by SoundMorph


    SoundMorph enters the Black Friday freebies madness with its DR01D, a free small synthesizer for Reaktor 5 & 6, Max4Live as well as standalone version.

    DR01D is a little robot voice simulator, capable of sci-fi noises and sound effects in the style of Star Wars’ R2D2 robot. All other information we know about DR01D is what we found on its product page, namely is SoundMorph’s homage to retro SciFi robots. There you can download a manual with installation instructions for Ableton & Reaktor users, also for the standalone version for both Windows and Mac. Furthermore you will get details about trigger shortcuts and random mode.

    DR01D will not load into your DAW as a plugin, in order to put it at work, you will need the full version of Native Instruments Reaktor 5 or 6 (it loads as an instrument patch inside Reaktor). Please note that it won’t work with the free version of Reaktor. Since we are a blog about FL Studio, we will not give any instructions for Ableton users, they know best what to do :) The standalone is simple to install. Windows users just run the DR01D installer.exe file, and that’s all.

    Again, there’s is no information yet about how long DR01D will be offered for free, so if you’re eager to test a small synth you do not know anything about, here is your lucky day! Of course, there will be some delay before you will receive it in your inbox (requires registration), traffic is at maximum now on Black Friday.

    Also I noticed a few discounts on SoundMorph bundles, if you’re interested.

    More info:

    Free DR01D synthesizer for Reaktor, Max4Live and standalone by SoundMorph

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