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    Crystal free soft synth updated to version 2.5.4


    I guess you remember it. Yes, the free Crystal VST is still alive, it even regenerates, as the latest update at beginning of November proves.

    Wednesday, November 4th, Green Oak Software’s Crystal has been updated to version 2.5.4, adding patch bank drag and drop for import/export and a “Show Crystal Folder” in the “Utility” menu. This update is essential for all those who wanted to share sounds between Crystal Synth XT for the iPad/iPhone and Crystal desktop version (VST or AU). Watch in the video below a demonstration of drag and drop import/export new feature.

    Video demo:

    Do not think that Crystal VST is no longer interesting, an old fart trying to survive in the tough world of modern soft synths. Crystal incorporates granular synthesis, FM, sample playback, and loads soundfonts. It offers modulation control with over 90 parameters which can also be modulated. The musical applications for Crystal are boundless.

    Crystal is still actual, with an amazing sound quality and flexibility, that rival any free or commercial soft synths. That flexibility made it popular among music producers and sound designers, and preset libraries for it have spread on the internet with the speed of present-day viral videos. Green Oak Software gathered some presets on this page, and Togeo Studios went further at sound designing with 3 Crystal soundbanks which can be downloaded completely free here.

    If you haven’t tried Crystal yet, you have several choices: 32- & 64-bit plugin on both Windows and OSX (free) and/or iPhone/iPad app ($4.99).

    More info:

    Crystal free soft synth updated to version 2.5.4

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