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    21 best free reverb VST plugins


    In this article, I focused on a fairly comprehensive list of free reverb VST plugins, and again, you’re the one to decide which is the best, or suits you and your needs.

    A reverb effect, in brief, is how a sound is reflected off different surfaces before reaching the listener’s ear.

    The reverb has become an essential part of the music producer’s tools, playing a vital role in modern music productions. Used with care and particularly with knowledge, it may be your best friend, simply turning the mix in a real gem; but if not used properly, it can completely alter the mix, in the best case making everything sound like karaoke. :)

    The reverb is perfect to enhance or modify the sound to seem larger, distant or ambiental. But that does not mean it can be used anywhere and anyhow, for example avoid using it on a kick drum, the result will be muddy and destructive for the other sounds in the mix, there are other treatments for this, like compression and EQ’ing. Nonetheless, there is not a general rule in music production, as long as what you create sounds good and doesn’t give headaches to the listener.

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    Our list of 21 best free reverb VST plugins:

    TAL-Reverb-4 (Windows/Mac, VST/AU) by Togu Audio Line is an easy-to-use reverb plugin drawn from the high quality reverb implemented in TAL-Sampler. It features a very diffuse and modulated vintage reverb sound, being capable of fast build up time, also with long reverb sounds. Works on almost every audio material and is well suited for modern music productions.

    OldSkoolVerb (Windows/Mac, VST/AU) by Voxengo is a freeware algorithmic reverberation for professional music production applications, and implements a kind of “classic” stereo reverb algorithm, the result being a very clear spatial image that blends well with the mix. It allows you to achieve reverbs ranging from plate reverb to room reverb and hall reverb sound. OldSkoolVerb works best with vocals, piano and pads.

    Freezechamber (Windows, VST) by Synthescience was designed to be a straightforward reverb processor to bring that desirable spacious touch into your tracks with minimal tweaks. The Freeze switch enables the user at any moment (while the Verb is processing) to hold the process into a suspended state that tonewise may resemble some sort of synth tone.

    Togu Audio Line’s TAL-Reverb-2 (Windows/Mac, VST/AU) is a free, stereo plate reverb VST effect for Windows. This little plugin with its clean, bright & metallic feel is perfect for vocals and percussions. TAL Reverb-II is the most popular reverb from Togu Audio Line, and combines the retro sound of TAL-Reverb-I with additional features.

    Ambience (Windows/Mac, VST/AU) is a popular free reverb released years ago by Smartelectronix, and still rivals the quality of the best commercial reverbs. Ambience was previously a commercial product, but now is completely free and available for instant download. With a big library of factory presets and plenty of customizable parameters such as reverb gating, decay, shape, eq and damping, this free reverb plugin is a must.

    GlaceVerb (Windows, VST) by DaSample is a free reverb plugin which implements the Residual Vector Modulation (RVM) proprietary algorithm developed to calculate the deformations, the vibrations and the acoustic response of surfaces and materials. You can set surface parameters (texture, absorption, reflection), density control (from flat to extreme reverberation), and adjust size, bass, dry and wet.

    Lisc-verb (Windows, VST) by Saltline is meant to create space, from simple ambience or suggesting a sounds physical boundaries to other wordly effects. The free delay/reverb plugin can be used aggressively or with sensitivity. You can route the incoming audio signal to the pre-out filter or directly to the output; the signal sent to the effect section can also be sent completely dry or through the first filter.

    Cinematic Reverb (Windows, VST) by gregjazz is a simple free reverb VST plugin designed with cinematic and ambient in mind. Its main characteristics are the tremor volume and tremor speed faders, which add tension and presence to incoming audio. The depth and stereo-ness makes it very suitable for realistic ambient soundscapes.

    Tila2 (Windows, VST) by signaldust is a free room reverb plugin. It has settings for predelay, mid-frequency reverb time (RT60), initial diffusion and roomsize of the model, lowpass (high cutoff) and highpass (low cutoff) filters, and an output level control for wet-signals. Tila2 is not for people looking for hall-style algorithms.

    Sanford Reverb (Windows, VST) by Sanford Sound Design is a true stereo reverb capable of simulating everything from small rooms to giant cavernous spaces. With its dense, clean, and crisp sound, Sanford Reverb is perfect for most situations. The filter section together with left and right input channels let you shape the reverb sound to simulate almost any room, while modulation makes the reverb animated and lively.

    Modern Flash Verb (Windows, VST) by Antress Modern Plugins is an easy to use free reverb VST plugin for Windows. Its main features are Power On/Off button, Send mode On/Off button, input control (-6 to +6db), level control (relative reverb time) and room size control (box to infinity).

    SIR1 (Windows, VST) by SIR Audio Tools is a stereo reverb VST effect plugin that works with impulse-responses. Impulse-responses are generated by recording short broadband signals and their corresponding room-reflections. SIR1 has controls for predelay, attack-time, length and stereo width of the impulse response, as well as features such as Stretch, FFT EQ and Auto Gain.

    Variety Of Sounds’ epic-Verb (Windows, VST) digital reverberation simulator aims at both tight small room and ambience effect simulations, and is well suited to modern drum and vocal productions up to large & epic halls in the style of high quality outboard gear.

    TAL-Reverb-3 (Windows/Mac, VST/AU) by Togu Audio Line is an easy to use stereo plate reverb. TAL-Reverb-3 is the replacement for TAL-Reverb-II and has several improvements as an optimized GUI and some changes in the algorithm. It has a simpified EQ section, a meter display and shows actual slider values. The reverb has its own character and produces a very diffuse plate.

    Microverb VST (Windows, VST) by LongSound is a close reproduction of Alesis Microverb cult digital reverb unit. Like the hardware, it has controls for reverb type (large & small), reverse and gate. You can also adjust input, mix and output amounts.

    REV-B (Windows, VST) is an easy to use and intuitive free reverb VST plugin by Samsara Cycle Audio. You can adjust dry/wet signal level, width and dampen; the reverb side Eq section has low, mid and high cut & boost. Its main feature is a graphic representation of the reverb room, where you can adjust in an intuitive way the size and pan. MIDI learn is also available.

    TimeVerb (Windows/Mac, VST) by GSi Genuine Soundware and Instruments is a  simple digital stereo studio reverb effect with only five knobs, very easy to use, light on CPU and memory and MIDI Learn feature. You can adjust dry/wet, size, decay, spread and tone. TimeVerb uses same algorithm like the commercial Electric Grand EG70 from same GSi.

    Mutant Reverb (Windows, VST) by Greg Schlaepfer is an unusual reverb unit with realtime LFO-modulated parameters for crazy reverb effects, including parameters to entirely warp, mutate, and scratch the reverb. This free reverb VST plugin is perfect for creating sound effects, ambiences, but also evolving pads and backgrounds.

    RoomMachine 844 (Windows, VST) by Silverspike is a real time, digital audio room simulator capable of capturing the characteristic spacial sound of natural rooms. RoomMachine 844 is not a reverb effect that delivers long, silky reverberation tails, instead it focuses on early reflections determined by the position of sound source and listener. Operation is in full stereo and all processing is performed in high quality, 32 bit floatingpoint precision. An easy to use interface with realistic, animated knobs gives you the look and feel of a true machine.

    Classic Reverb (Windows, VST) by Kjaerhus Audio is a nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument. It can be adjusted to sound like most any acoustic space, ranging from a small shower to a large concert hall. Its features are: adjustable room size and damping, low cut filter, host synchronization, presets and low CPU usage. Classic Reverb supports sampling rates up to 96kHz and has full VST automation.

    MuVerb (Windows, VST) by MuLab is a versatile and nice sounding free reverb VST plugin. MuVerb has controls for decay, wet/dry & damping and sports highpass/lowpass/bandpass filters. For immediate use, this little plugin comes with 10 factory presets.

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