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    SampleScience releases free sample libraries and launches Halloween sale


    Pierre Parenteau of SampleScience has announced the launch of a Halloween Sale, offering big discounts on some of his popular virtual instruments .

    Now is your chance to get Famirom, Thales Model I, EA-1 Synthesis and Vortex SoundWaves v2 with discounts of 50%. For example, Thales Model I, a cool instrument featuring the tones generated by early sixties computer, costs now only $6. Also, Vortex SoundWaves, a huge collection of 24 Kontakt & SFZ instruments of abstract, analog, atmospheric sound textures and tones, is offered at $6 for limited time.

    It’s great that these instruments are available in a variety of formats, (in the case of EA-1 Synthesis and Vortex SoundWaves v2) if you don’t own a copy of Kontakt, you can opt for SFZ patches which work well with any freeware SFZ player.

    The Halloween 50% off sale is valid until October 31.

    On the other hand, Pierre Parenteau told us that he just uploaded (with the kind permission of respective owners) two free sample libraries on Archive.org.

    First is Xtant Audio Total Composure Orchestra for Kontakt 5, which is a free orchestral sample library for Kontakt 5 and up. There are over 1500 samples in this library, totalling more than 1.5GB, but with Kontakt’s lossless compression, size is reduced to less than 500MB.

    Second, the G-Town Church Sampling Project is a sample library (WAV, EXS24 and .GIG) recorded in a Church in Grebbestad, Sweden by music producer Tobias Marberger. The multitude of samples include percussion of many different kinds (anvil, snare, wood sticks, hihat, brushplate, bongos), as well as piano, organ, mandolin, glockenspiel, flute, and many other high quality recordings.

    Both freebies are available for instant download (no email signup required).


    Famirom, Thales Model I, EA-1 Synthesis and Vortex SoundWaves v2
    Free Xtant Audio Total Composure Orchestra for Kontakt 5
    Free G-Town Church Sampling Project

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