Prime Loops intros Dofflin Music Vol.1 by Future Koncept

Along with a new look, Prime Loops brings all dofflin music/neon bass lovers Dofflin Music Vol.1, a fresh new sample pack by Future Koncept, filled with jazzy R&B chords, uplifting stutter synths, smooth basses, chopped-up vox, dreamy arps, tight drums, one shots and more.

Dofflin music is a relatively new genre, and it is a blend of future bass, funk and electronica, sprinkled with trap rhythms. It is sometimes called neon bass, future bass, downtempo or chill trap, and is distinguished by dreamy synths, fat chords, 808 drums, lines which recreate the 8-bit video game sounds, chopped and sincopated leads and more. Happy and melancholic, is a fusion of many different influences and styles, that’s why sometimes is hard to define its exact features.

Audio demo:


Dofflin Music Vol.1 is created by musician Pusher, a pioneer of this genre, so expect something special. It contains 7 folders of drum loops, drum shots, dreamy arps, melodic synths & vocals, basslines, stutter chords, risers & FX. In total, it brings over 407MB of audio samples, which means exactly 176 files, thus transforming it into an essential Dofflin sample pack for all producers.

Dofflin Music Vol.1 is completely royalty free and supplied in flawless 24-bit high definition audio clarity!

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Dofflin Music Vol.1 sample pack

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