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    Free Ensemblia modern chamber orchestra Kontakt library


    With the launch of Ensemblia version 1.5, Cinematique Instruments is offering a free version of the Kontakt library.

    Ensemblia is featuring sounds recorded from of a modern chamber orchestra and is perfect to create beautiful polyphonic chamber arrangements and textures while you are just playing chords or single notes. You can choose from a selected range of classical instruments suitable for pop and RnB tracks. Also, Ensemblia lets you layer up to 7 instruments at the same time and gives you a quick access to a broad range of timbres and tone colors while playing.

    The free library is a stripped down version with less samples, but 100% usable, and very important, royalty free (you can use it to create commercial tracks). It requires at least Kontakt 4 full version.

    In order to download the freebie, you’ll have to provide a valid email address. Download size is circa 195MB.

    More info:

    Free Ensemblia modern chamber orchestra Kontakt library

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    1. If these are sample sounds (.wav) would they work with a native sampler like Direct Wave ? As I dont have Kontakt. Many thanks

      • The included samples are in ncw format, not wav.
        ncw is a Kontakt specific format, compressed files. You can convert back ncw to wav, but you need Kontakt for that.
        The answer is no, you can’t use the samples in another sampler, because they’re not in wav format.

    2. Hi when I try and load the library into Kontakt from “Add library” it says “no library found” and there are no installation instructions in the Ensemblia manual.
      I think Kontakt is not locating the .nki file. Is there some way I have to reorganise the files and folders so it will load library.
      many thanks in advance!

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