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    DQ65 free dynamic equalizer effect plugin by J1000


    J1000 has announced the release of DQ65, a free dynamic equalizer effect plugin for Windows.

    The developer says that “DQ65 alters the gain dynamically with two parameters: one gain for high amplitude, other for low”, while the frequency and Q factor will not change, they operate the same as in standard EQ.

    DQ65 is designed with track equalization in mind, more precisely for instruments with wide and varying dynamic range. Its notable features are peak minimum-phase stereo filters, two gain controls per filter (high and low amplitudes), as well as low and high-cut filters with two slopes and 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

    As you probably already noticed, DQ65 is available only as 32-bit plugin (VST) for Windows. It works on 64-bit FL Studio via jBridge.

    More info:

    DQ65 free dynamic equalizer effect plugin by J1000

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