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    Review: Trap Kingdom sample pack by ModeAudio


    ModeAudio returns with Trap Kingdom, a new sample pack featuring loops, one-shots and MIDI files for the mighty trap music.

    Trap Kingdom is a mixture of sensations, from the beginning we see 10 themes, each with its living and emotion. Yes, it is strange to talk about emotions, especially about a rather synthetic style, where stereotypes and templates make the law. But ModeAudio comes with a different approach, giving us equally true trap but something new: a melodious trap, with spasms, subtle and sometimes tumultuous.

    Audio demo:

    Using guitar is not necessarily something new in trap music, but here we see clearly that distortion fits well with the bottomless bass. We are presented loops recorded live from an electric guitar and a bass guitar. They sound as if they were taken from an upcoming Korn or Tool album, which for me, a lifetime rocker, can not be anything else but perfect.

    What could be a trap song without its specific drums? The drums included in Trap Kingdom differ by being somewhat airy, making room for other sounds in the mix. Unlike a well-known competitor, ModeAudio not artificially fatten drums (read “turn up the volume”) that which is seen precisely by “readability” and purity of sound. They are understandable and finally we see a different approach, very different from the classic 808 sounds. Some might say it’s a blasphemy, but I assure you that all trap rules are followed. All, out of tempo, that stubborn is clinging to values such as 80, 83, 94 BPMs… Of course, alongside the usual 70 and 75.

    The basslines feed your need for fats, delivering insane lows and punchy sub percussions. Fast attack, bold decay, meaty sustain and piercing release. Sprinkled with some indecent distortion, they’re lazy as a hot summer f***. Pair them with the haunting and dramatic synthlines which are taking inspiration from 90’s dark underground hip-hop and, why not, from memorable horror movie scenes from same era. Imagine anything from fast arpeggios to slowed-down pads, from spooky melodies to clownesque grooves.

    All of these things above come in MIDI versions too, which, along with the one-shot drums and percussions, offer more flexibility and control over the final result. Do not forget a folder that contains several loops with the tail left, so there’s no room for error.


    • Loops:
      • 20 Bass Loops
      • 30 Drum Loops & Drum Fill Loops
      • 20 Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar Loops
      • 42 Synth & Instrumental Loops (Leads, Pads, Arps & Chords)
      • 8 SFX Loops
      • 21 Synth Tail Samples
    • Samples:
      • 11 Kick Samples
      • 12 Snare Samples
      • 6 Clap Samples
      • 18 Hi Hat Samples
      • 11 Percussion Samples
    • 100 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)

    I like this sample pack just because is different, adds a touch of emotion and comes complete with all the elements necessary to work productively. Especially I like the drums- for clarity and usability, the synth lines that are a huge source of inspiration and, of course, the MIDIs for letting me come up with my own adjustments or additions.

    Trap Kingdom is now available for $24.27 at ModeAudio.

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    More info:

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