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    Limited-Z free mastering limiter by LVC-Audio


    The new Limited-Z by LVC-Audio, is a specialized and easy-to-use limiter, which combines several unique limiting algorithms to provide transparent limiting on all audio sources.

    Based on LVC-Audio’s Limited-MAX full-featured mastering limiter, Limited-Z is capable of substantial levels of compression/limiting without inadvertently creating excessive amounts of audible distortion.

    The developer promises Limited-Z as an easy-to-use tool with plenty of standard and useful features like an output meter including VU-style, PPM-style and loudness metering. Other notable
    characteristics would be waveform history display with RMS, adjustable scale for all metering, AutoGain control (for auditioning the sound of the limiter without volume changes), undo/redo history and A/B comparison controls.

    Limited-Z is offered as a free plugin, but note that there is also a paid version with more and more features (the commercial version costs $34.95). Download the free version and if you like it, you can anytime switch to the commercial version.

    Limited-Z is available for both Windows and Mac, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX and AU plugin formats.

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    Limited-Z free mastering limiter by LVC-Audio

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