Matthieu Brucher returns with two new free effect plugins – ATKColoredCompressor and ATKColoredExpander.

Both are based on Audio Toolkit framework and wdl-ol C++ framework for developing audio plugins. They are replacing the old ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plugins by adding several new parameters.

ATKColoredCompressor is a compressor effect plugin, its main feature being a color control to add or remove gain near the threshold. On the other hand, ATKColoredExpander is an expander (compressor/ limiter) featuring a colored section which is perfect to add or remove gain around the threshold.

As usual at Matthieu Brucher, these releases are absolutely free, you have nothing to fill, nor must create an account or give likes etc.

ATKColoredCompressor and ATKColoredExpander are available on Windows and OS X (min. 10.8), in different formats.

More info:

Free ATKColoredCompressor and ATKColoredExpander

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