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    Soundhack’s 5 free effect plugins updated to v9


    The Soundhack Freesound Bundle, a collection of 5 free effect plugins, has been updated to version 9.

    The bundle consists of:

    • ++chebyshev: a distortion plugin that uses several Chebyshev polynomials (low-order filters) to add even or odd harmonics;
    • ++compand: a compressor and expander that includes ratio, threshold, attack, release, response (width level detection) and soft knee controls;
    • ++decimate: a bit crusher which reduces bit and sample rate and adds noises and artefacts;
    • ++matrix: a Mid/Side to right/left encoder and decoder; useful also if you want to apply effects to the center or side of a stereo mix;
    • ++phasor: a multistage phase manager to adjust frequency, bandwidth, feedback and modulation.

    All plugins are available for Mac OS X and Windows (32 and 64-bit) as VST and AU plugins.

    More info:

    Soundhack Freesound Bundle

    HighLife Samples

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