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    Karoryfer Samples releases Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer’s Paradise free sample pack


    Karoryfer Samples has announced the release of Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer’s Paradise, a free sample pack featuring drum & percussion samples and SFZ patches.

    A collection of drum samples by Nathan Sheeran and crew. There is a total of seven acoustic drum kits, a house kit of synthesized drums, and some bongos and congas.

    There are no velocity layers or round robins (except for one folder of bongos with 4 to 9 round robins). These are great one-shot samples for drum and bass, or layering acoustic drums on top of synthesized ones.

    With all the bongos and congas and miscellaneous percussion in the house kit there’s also a big variety of sounds for deep house, jungle terror or tropical house. There are even multiple cowbells, for those tracks that don’t need less cowbell.

    The collection contains a total of 216 WAV files with basic SFZ mappings for each kit. It is a free download and all samples are royalty-free for all use including commercial.

    More info:

    Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer’s Paradise free sample pack

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