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    Code Red Free console emulation plugin for mastering


    Code Red Free by Shattered Glass Audio might be free, but promises that warm analogue sound that many bedroom producers are looking for.

    The source of inspiration of Code Red Free is a classic, all tube, British console used by The Beatles in the late 60s. They recorded most of their material with it (or other versions), the overdriven signature sound of Revolution song being obtained by chaining two preamps from this console.

    Code Red Free borrows the bold and punchy character from the classic console, offering accurately modeled original EQ with “Classic” and “Pop” modes, automatic 4x oversampling and stereo/mono processing modes, to name a few features.

    Shattered Glass Audio offers it in Windows and Mac, 32 and 64-bit versions (VST2, VST3 & AU).

    Code Red Free’s area of use includes mastering, but you can successfully use it to add coloration to the sound, making it ‘bigger’ and more professional. You can experiment with three presets designed for kick and snare.

    The download size is circa 4MB (an EXE file).

    More info:

    Code Red Free console emulation plugin for mastering

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