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    HeadlessBuddha Samples releases Clapless Buddha – 65 free clap samples


    HeadlessBuddha Samples has released Clapless Buddha, a free sample pack featuring 65 one shot claps in 24-bit WAV format.

    I’ve never found a cool claps sample library and have always had to record the clapping myself. I mean real hand claps. There’s plenty of drum machine claps sample libraries around. This was my main motivation to record these 65 one shot samples. I don’t like recording claps every time.

    Do you always clap your hands the same way, with that perfect sound? I don’t. I suck at hand clapping and I screw the recordings every time. I needed this thing probably more than you do. Either way you can take it home for free.

    Here’s the thing: these wrong claps may also find a place on your music like they sometimes do on mine. If you don’t want the “wrong” ones, there are quite a few perfect ones! It’s quite easy to make it sound like a crowd clapping or applauding, or use it like a drum machine, a clap ensemble, or whatever.

    Yeah, it was recorded through tape, but it’s not as extreme as we usually do. This time we’ve left (most of) the processing to you.

    Audio demo:

    The samples are available for free, but you’ll have to fill a form with your name and email address in order to receive the download link.

    More info:

    Clapless Buddha – 65 free clap samples

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