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    Global Soundspace intros Violation free sample library for NI Kontakt


    Global Soundspace has released Violation, a free sample library for Native Instruments’ Kontakt, incorporating unique percussion sound effects on the violin.

    Composers and sound designers have always been looking for a way to get away from conventional methods and techniques and expand their music palette towards uniqueness by using experimental sound designing libraries, field recordings, application of DSP techniques and wavetable and FM synthesis in electronic music.

    Violation is a sample library consisting of Western classical modern & contemporary compositional techniques on the violin and will satisfy those who will be looking for a different approach and use of timbres in their sound.

    All of the techniques included in the sample library are pure recordings without any trace of digital signal processing effects. That way you will always know how the specific technique will sound in a live reproduction.

    Audio demo:


    • Multi-mic recordings – Close and Main recordings using hi-end microphones such as Neumann U87 and Schoeps MK2H.
    • Audio mixer with mute buttons – Mix your sounds right on the interface. You can always mute one or both channels.
    • Notation board – Play a note and see exactly how it is notated on score.

    In order to receive a copy of Violation, you’ll have to subscribe to Global Soundspace’s newsletter.

    More info:

    Violation free sample library for NI Kontakt

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