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    VST4FREE releases Cherry Snare free virtual instrument


    VST4FREE has announced the release of Cherry Snare, a free virtual instrument for Windows and Mac featuring a sampled acoustic snare drum.

    The drum in question is a custom handmade cherry wood Ebenor Percussion 14×7 inches snare drum with a 1/2 inch thickness and a 45 degree chamfer, mounted with triple flange hoops dressed by a 2 plies coated drumhead.

    It was recorded with 5 microphones- placed on top (2), at the bottom (1) and a stereo matched pair for the room sound, then mixed through 4 channels.

    A NOS vintage 12AX7 tubes driven to a class A digital converter was used for the top and bottom condenser mics, while the sound recorded by other mics was picked up from a top notch soundcard’s transistor preamps.

    Audio demo:

    A live recorded demo track of Cherry Snare with various settings applied

    Cherry Snare virtual instrument features 5 playing techniques; to further process the sound, there is a global tuner to pitch the snare drum up or down and a Vari-pitch (a LFO aplied to the pitch).

    The sounds comes through 4 channels, each with its own Punch, Release and Pan controls. The master section features a global volume fader, global panning and a Velocity Dynamic knob to adjust the amplitude range.

    Cherry Snare free virtual instrument comes in VST 32 & 64-bit for Windows and VST & AU for Mac formats. Download size is circa 75MB compressed.

    More info:

    Cherry Snare free virtual instrument

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