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    Tek’it Audio intros 8kut 2 free frequency cutter effect plugin


    Tek’it Audio has announced the release of version 2.0 of 8kut, a free frequency cutter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

    With the included 8 pads, 8kut 2 cuts frequencies, from bass to mids range, high mids and treble, being aimed at Dj’s and live performances.

    8kut has been updated to a new major version 2.0, offering now a Mac OS X version in addition to Windows and 64-bit support to both platforms. It comes with a “zero-delay filter” which sounds much clearer.


    • 8 bands frequency cutter.
    • Independent left and right channel pass through.
    • Phase inverter, Effect bypass, Gain boost and Dry/Wet Mix.
    • ZDF Filter design.
    • 64-bit internal processing.
    • Full MIDI automation support.
    • Works in mono or stereo.
    • Integrated Preset manager, rename, copy, save, load…
    • 40 Factory presets.
    • Up to 128 user presets per bank.
    • Comes with user manual.
    • Easy installer.
    • Freeware.

    The user interface has a new design, now is bigger, cleaner – which will improve your workflow.

    8kut 2 is available for free and instant download at Tek’it Audio.

    More info:

    8kut 2 free frequency cutter effect plugin

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