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    Strike Sound intros Artistry Kit free sample pack


    Strike Sound has announced the release of Artistry Kit, a free sample pack containing samples recorded from a 4 piece SJC maple/ acrylic hybrid kit.

    This sampled kit is recorded at Strike Sound. The kit belongs to Nick from Thanartist, I grabbed these samples quickly while they were tracking a single here last month, so big thanks to Thanartist!

    Here is a couple of quick examples of the Artistry Kit used in Trigger to fully replace a performance. The overhead tracks are natural, but everything else is sample replaced using the Artistry Kit.

    Audio demo:

    Artistry Kit comes with 8 different samples for each microphone position, but unfortunately you won’t get samples at different dynamics. There are 64 one shot drum samples in total split across dry and wet variants and featuring snares, toms and kicks. BTW, my favourite samples in this pack are the toms.

    The Artistry Kit can be downloaded as Steven Slate Trigger files and 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files. Download size is 13.8MB compressed.

    More info:

    Artistry Kit free sample pack

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