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    Free Orpheus string-machine VSTi by B.Serrano released


    B.Serrano has announced the release of Orpheus, a free VST instrument plugin for Windows.

    Orpheus is a string-machine virtual synthesizer. The GUI is split into two main panels, first- 2 generators, each of which having 3 string types (bright, mellow and dark) and an organ. Each generator gives control on ADSR, you can tune the octaves, adjust the drift ratio & level and detune.

    The second part is the Effects panel, which holds the three band resonators with LFO and randomize button plus vibrato, chorus, tremolo & delay- to name few effects.

    The main display gives access to patches list and menu. At the moment, there are available 32 factory presets.

    Audio demo:

    Orpheus is a polyphonic machine with 128 voices, and sits well in ambient, pop, chillout or any modern electronic dance music style and is perfect for creating rich and “orchestral” pads as well as subtle backgrounds.

    Orpheus is available for free via B.Serrano as a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows.

    More info:

    Free Orpheus string-machine VSTi by B.Serrano

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