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    456 free great outdoors samples by MusicRadar released

    MusicRadar has announced the release of 456 free great outdoors samples, a new collection of sounds previously featured on Computer Music magazine’s cover DVD.

    Summer’s here, and it’s time to rid yourself of that studio tan by stepping out into the great outdoors.

    Or, if you’d rather, you can stay in your studio and create the illusion of life outside by downloading our selection of nature-related samples.

    Audio demos:







    The samples are split into six folders, each of which is labelled according to the type of sounds contained within it. Inside you’ll find ambience loops, bird sounds, various sounds recorded while camping, foosteps, recordings on a glacier and water sounds.

    All the samples are supplied as WAV files and they’re royalty-free, which means you can use them in commercial release too.

    More info:

    456 free great outdoors samples

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