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    Review: CATATRAP sample pack by Premier Sound Bank


    Premier Sound Bank has introduced the CATATRAP, a collection featuring 100% analog processed samples aimed at trap but also suitable for many other styles.

    CATATRAP is an impressive set of 610 samples like the popular fat brass shots found in trap, the kicking drum loops, the neo orchestral chants and the synth hooks which stand out in any track.

    In depth, it is split into 25 brass shots, 300 one shot drums & drum loops, 40 sound effects, 130 various sounds recorded with microphones and 100 synthlines and shots.

    Audio demo:

    The numbers are irrelevant here, what count are the impressive sounds found inside, you can clearly see that the author made use of analog gear- the samples are powerful and piercing, but also an important factor is the creativity which the author gives with each sample.

    While listening the samples and later the audio demos, my mind projects a funny picture with a mad Baroque musician in front of a shocked audience. The sound is new and strange and same time innovative and catchy.

    Back in 2015, my new speakers love it. The bass is perfectly dosed, the brasses come with drama and break the track spasmodically and the drums are punchy and naughty, while the synths set the tone of madness. CATATRAP could easily be integrated into a new trend called trap-punk music because of the sound rebellion, guts and “je m’en fiche!” factor.

    I recommend it fiercely – first for its innovative drums, second, for the mad synths and third, for the fantastic sound effects. CATATRAP is a must have for open-minded producers.

    More info:

    CATATRAP sample pack by Premier Sound Bank

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