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    JontMusic releases 30 free EDM presets for Sylenth 1


    JontMusic has announced the release of 30 free EDM presets for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth 1 virtual synthesizer.

    The presets are part of an upcoming full bank which will be released commercially.

    There are many free and commercial Sylenth 1 presets available already, but this soundbank worth a look, especially is offered as it is without any hassle. The file is hosted on FileDropper, there is no need for registration or any “like”. Alternatively, for your convenience, I’ve added a direct link to the download file which is hosted on our site.

    In order to install/ load soundbanks in Sylenth 1, you need to follow these steps: once Sylenth 1 is opened in FL Studio click “Menu”, then “Load Bank” and navigate where yo have extracted or placed the bank and double click on it.

    More info:

    30 free EDM presets for Sylenth 1 by JontMusic

    Direct download:

    30 free EDM presets for Sylenth 1 by JontMusic

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