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    Hawk VST releases BassTard free monophonic subtractive synthesizer


    Hawk VST has announced the release of the freeware BassTard, a new monophonic VST instrument for Windows aimed at basslines.

    BassTard is a monophonic subtractive synthesizer, designed to put out ground-shattering low frequency content.

    BassTard was created around simplicity, delivering only the parameters needed to sculpt your perfect bass sound. Every major parameter has MIDI learn functionality, via the right mouse button.

    Video demo:


    • 2 oscillators with variable waveforms;
    • 2 filters;
    • filter envelope;
    • parametric equalizer with spectrum analysis;
    • transient shaper;
    • dual-band compressor.

    BassTard is available for free download via Hawk VST; currently is available as VST 32-bit plugin for Windows only. It is not fully supported under 64-bit hosts and requires the use of third party plugin bridge software such as jBridge or Steinberg’s native bridge.

    Download size is 3.2MB as ZIP file.

    More info:

    BassTard free monophonic subtractive synthesizer

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