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    DJ Delay free delay effect plugin by Stagecraft Software


    Stagecraft Software has released DJ Delay, a free delay effect plugin for both Windows and Mac users.

    DJ Delay it’s been around a while, but just received a major update which brings among an improved user interface- the full automation support and cloud access for saving and sharing presets.

    Speaking of presets, the recent version of the plugin comes with a cool selection of factory presets for immediate use.

    Video demo:

    DJ Delay is a full-featured delay plugin with an innovative UI, beat quantization, filter sweeps, parameter automation, preset sharing and more. It is primarily designed for live situations, but is also great for home musicians and perfect for EDM producers . The included high resolution FFT spectrum display lets you see how you are affecting the music, allowing for better use of the effect.

    Another two great features are the beat quantization that works in real time to create a delay effect that will work in a live environment and the filter sweeps- adding one of the most common effects used in EDM at a touch of a button.

    DJ Delay is available for free, but you’ll be asked to register it after 30 days. The registration is free- an activation code will be emailed to you.

    I’ve also noticed some other useful plugins at Stagecraft Software, they’re all commercial (very affordable products) and come with 30-days free trials for you to test.

    The plugins are Addiction Synth, a professional, versatile, subtractive synthesizer, Cloud Browser Plugin – drag-n-drop sounds directly from SoundCloud.com and Freesound.org into your production environment, Scratch Track Plugin which adds a turntable to your DAW and supports every type of timecoded vinyl on the market, let’s you scratch tracks, samples and even live input.

    Another two noticeable plugins are Vinyl Lab Vinyl, a professional DJ software that allows you to browse and play beat matched tracks, mix & loop and Livetronica Studio which lets you make live electronica right out of the box: simply grab loops and samples from the cloud, then sync, sequence scratch, drop and build effects chains.

    More info:

    DJ Delay free delay effect plugin

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