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    Bitsonic releases Violent Mon-Ster and Violent Phaser free effect plugins


    Bitsonic has announced the release of Violent Mon-Ster stereo modifier and Violent Phaser free effect plugins for Windows.

    Violent Mon-Ster

    Certain DAW we can not to replace the left side of track with the right side. In this case we can work with the free Violent Mon-Ster stereo modifier.


    • Replace: With this function, we can replace the sound of left side with the right side. In center position the sign is mono.
    • Inv. L/R. We can invert the sinusoid.
    • Pan: Simple panorama function.
    • Enhancer: We can change the sense of space.
    • Remover: Like an MS Matrix, we can remove the middle sounds.

    Violent Phaser

    The phaser shifts the timing of the audio sign, and changes the rate of the dominant and emphatised frequency range in the time-range given by the user. This is how the special/peculiar tune is created.


    • Wet/dry: regulates the mixing of the original and the mixed sign.
    • Speed: Changes the speed of the phase-frequency shift. It only works if the auto-manual led is off.
    • Auto-manual led: In auto mode the effect running in sync with tempo of the BPM
    • Gain: Changes the intensity of phase-frequency shift.
    • Feedback: We can feedback the changed sign into the effect, where it goes through further sign changes. Using it won’t cause a big change, so it differs when is the difference is more prominent.

    Both plugins are part of Bitsonic Downloader 1.2, an utility which helps you find, download all products from bitsonic.eu. The link below will prompt you to a Facebook post where you’ll find a link to the downloader, once installed, you can choose from a wide range of free plugins, including synthesizers and various effects.

    More info:

    Violent Mon-Ster and Violent Phaser free effect plugins

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