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    Bitsonic releases Violent Dual free VST effect


    Bitsonic has announced the release of Violent Dual, a free VST effect plugin designed for turning mono lanes into stereo with the chorus effect.

    The Mix knob changes the ratio of the raw and the stereo sign.

    Depth function continuously changes the frequency of the sign, moving under or over the original sign. Using his function you can change the frequency-difference compared to the original sign.

    The Rate function settles the speed of the frequency-change.
    Delay function can lapse the original and the new sign compared to the other.

    One of the many important aspects of Dual is that the new sign never annuls the original, so feel free to use it to change the sense of space with songs, guitars or any other soloistic sound.

    Violent Dual is available via Bitsonic’s Facebook fan page.

    More info:

    Violent Dual free VST effect

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