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    Alden Nulden Productions intros Statix – free vinyl noise emulator for Kontakt


    Alden Nulden Productions has announced the releases of Statix, a new free Kontakt instrument library which emulates the noise of a vinyl disc.

    It was made to give the feeling of a vinyl disc with dust scratches etc.
    Statix is a mono instrument. That means it can not play chords or two notes together.
    It has 7 knobs and one value display.

    It has 20 presets (easy way) just turn the preset knob and choose a note (each note is a different preset) or choose to adjust the other knobs for the desire result, for example how many scratches you want, the type of vinyl etc.

    Video demo:

    Statix consists of 1 nki file, 33 samples recorded at 16-bit/sample rate 44100. Its size is only 7,22MB compressed or 10.3MB on disc.

    It is available for instant download at Alden Nulden Productions. Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt is required.

    More info:

    Statix – free vinyl noise emulator for Kontakt

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