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    Yemski releases 50 free Predator presets and 30 free Dune 2 presets


    Yemski has announced that his soundset Electronic Excursions for Predator is now available at a reduced price of $30 (instead of $50). Yemski is also offering a free set of 50 presets taken from the commercial release.

    With over 658 patches specially crafted for Predator, this set can be used for a variety of genres including IDM, EDM, Electro, House, Drum and Bass, Film/Media work, any genre you can imagine and everything in between.

    All presets have mod wheel assigned as a minimum, with many also having mid-cc’s 16 to 20 assigned allowing for, sometimes extreme, timbral variation and morphing of the sounds.

    Audio demo:

    Another freebie from Yemski is a collection of 30 patches from a forthcoming soundset for Dune 2, called Inner Space.

    It comprises 240 patches, with 76 arps, 25, sequences, 50 pads, 40 leads and 49 basses. I’ve just got to set up the relevant pages tomorrow, and wait for confirmation from ADSR and Sampleism and after that the product should be available in the next two or three days.

    In the mean time, check out these demos and download some free presets from this set to get a vibe for where it’s coming from.

    Audio demo:

    Both soundsets are available for instant download via Dropbox. If you like the free patches, you can buy Electronic Excursions for Predator full set here or here.


    50 free presets for Predator VSTi
    30 free presets for Dune 2 VSTi

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