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    25 free Saurus 2 presets by Noizefield released


    Noizefield has announced the release of Free Preset Pack Vol1: Saurus 2, a collection of 25 presets for Saurus2 synthesizer by Tone2.

    Hello Noizefielders,

    Here’s the first exclusive Noizefield preset collection for the brand new Saurus2-synth for free.

    The 25 presets could be mainly used for EDM-productions, but also for other styles.

    Enjoy it!

    Saurus 2 is a brand new visual synthesizer which brings the highly regarded analog sound from the past into the unlimited digital realm, fusing them together with a user interface that invites to tweak and a multitude of unique sound sculpting tools exclusive to Saurus.

    The free collection of presets can be downloaded through a simple registration form.

    More info:

    25 free Saurus 2 presets by Noizefield

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