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    1GB of free field recordings by Luftrum released


    Luftrum has announced the launch of a new collection of field sound recordings, available for free or as a pay-what-you-want purchase. All sales from the library goes to Save The Children organization.

    The field recordings are a mix of 16-bit and 24-bit WAV files and feature a broad range of various captures of ocean waves to forest sounds, birds, gardenscapes, airport atmospheres, binaural recordings and experiments with hydrophones, coil pickups and contact mics such as the rumble of a windmill, the circuit board of an iPhone and the footsteps of ants on a contact mic.

    The samples are perfect for use as atmospheric background, sound effects, layered texture etc.

    Audio demo:

    They’re recorded with Sound Devices 702, DPA-4060, JrF contacts mics, hydrophones and coil pickups. For the older recordings, the author used Zoom H2 and Sony CS-10EM Binaural Microphones.

    When you choose to download the collection for free, all sounds will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 3.0), meaning you are free to share, copy, remix or otherwise transform the sounds for commercial or non-commercial use, with the condition that you credit the author.

    As a pay-what-you-want purchase, you don’t need to credit the author and all sales go to Save the Children.

    The samples are available for free download via Soundcloud.

    More info:

    1GB of free field recordings by Luftrum

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