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    SampleScience releases Thales Model I instrument plugin (free version available)


    SampleScience has announced the release of Thales Model I, a vintage computer sound module instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

    The sounds have been sourced in public domain films, which means that they are not clean: tape noises and background hisses are part of the sound of this very special rompler.

    Because of this, Thales Model I’s tone is reminiscent of the mellotron and other tape based keyboards of the sixties.

    Audio demos:

    Thales Model I is available as 32 and 64-bit VST for Windows and VST & AU for Mac OS X. The full version of the plugin costs £6.99 at Sampleism, a free stripped-down version of it being available via Archive.org. The difference is that the freebie includes only 4 sounds instead of 27 sounds found on the commercial version.

    More info:

    Thales Model I instrument plugin

    HighLife Samples

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