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    Review: Glitch Hop Superpack by Premier Sound Bank


    Premier Sound Bank has announced the release of Glitch Hop Superpack, a sample pack by Next Access Level Audio featuring a suite of loops and one shot samples for glitch hop music productions.

    Next Access Level Audio, or N.A.L.A, is the newest label to join us at Premier Sound Bank and is delivering so many top-notch sounds with their Glitch Hop Superpack.

    Coming out of Melbourne, Australia, Next Access Level Audio is bringing a diversified suite of Loops, Samples and Sound FX with their debut pack for Premier Sound Bank.

    Glitch Hop Superpack is combining a mix of synths, drums, SFX and guitar samples, all standing out by their freshness and uniqueness. The sample pack is split into 5 main folders:

    • Drum Loops:
      • Normal Loops (20)
      • Glitched Loops (14)
    • FX (20)
    • Guitar Loops (10)
    • One Shots:
      • Claps (10)
      • Cymbals (10)
      • Kicks (25)
      • Snares (25)
      • Big Snares (5)
      • Tuned Kicks (12)
    • Synths:
      • Synth Loops (23)
      • Synth Stabs (10)

    Audio demo:

    The drum loops come in two versions, dry and glitched. They both are covering a BPM range of 90 and 120, with syncopated beats, heavy processed drum patterns, lazy and fast blends etc. The FX folder offers an useful collection of impacts, drops, retro beeps, risers and more.

    My favourite loops in this sample pack are the synths, they are some sort of hooks played with familiar lead sounds, but the melody is what makes the difference. They remain engraved in your mind, acting like a starting point for a full track. The adjacent synth shots are perfect for creating breaks, drops and breaking the monotony.

    A cool bonus are the guitar riffs, a selection of 10 live recorded loops with a great use in other genres too.

    If you’re not too much into loops, Glitch Hop Superpack comes with a nice set of drums to work with. There are deep hip hop-ish kicks with fat low, “clogged” and dirty snares, 808 tuned kicks ready to be layered as basses, sharp claps, an assorted kit of hihats & cymbals and much more.

    If you’re doing glitch hop, EDM, dubstep or electro, I strongly recommend you this pack. There are several cool sounds inside and the sound quality is perfect, offered at an affordable price of $20, Glitch Hop Superpack is a must have.

    More info:

    Glitch Hop Superpack by Premier Sound Bank

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