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    Review: Downstream sample pack by ModeAudio


    ModeAudio has announced the release of Downstream, a new sample pack filed with drum loops, one shot hits and MIDI files built after the pattern of ambient and downtempo music styles.

    Snares crashing like waves upon the shore, kicks as deep as oceans and drum patterns as tranquil as water flowing gently down the river…welcome to the blissful, tripped-out sound of Downstream – Drum Loops & Samples!

    This release mixes powerful, percussive impacts with sweet, slow-tempo grooves to bring you a combination of sounds that will sail your music right through that golden sunset, as well as anchor it in calm, relaxing waters.

    Downstream includes drum fills (40), drum loops (80), drum samples (60) and MIDI drum patterns (120). The MIDI files are a great bonus, adding more value to the entire collection. With 120 MIDIs, is much easier to start to work on a drum track. They’re beautifully arranged and labelled with name, BPM information and type- for example plain loop or fill. Speaking of BPM, it covers a range from 60 to 110, being plenty of interpretations and sessions.

    The MIDI files are the same with the WAV loops and fills, among many other things, a chance to see what’s under the hood.

    Check the demo below and get an idea about Downstream sample pack.

    Audio demo:

    Moving to the one shot samples, ModeAudio has managed to add that warm feel you find on vintage analog sound processors, specifically the closed and open hats sound real and convincing- just like their analog counterparts. I can definitely say I will use these hats in my future projects.

    The kicks sound solid, but they’re not built to stand out, being made ​​to fill in a delicate and subtle way. On the other hand, the high pitched snares have enough guts to decide the fate of a song. A great exercise of sound design.

    The sound quality is top-notch as usual, all samples come in 24 bit audio quality and they’re carefully designed. You can choose a variety of formats including the universal WAV, the flexible REX2, or Reason Refill, Apple Loops and Ableton Live Pack.

    Downstream costs $23.81, a great value for the given money. I think it is not necessary to add that all sounds are royalty free. Oops , I did it already… :) So, no additional costs involved, with sample clearance and stuff.

    Highly recommended for those who appreciate the details and subtleties in music.

    More info:

    Downstream sample pack by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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