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    Review: Deep House & Bass sample pack by Sample Magic


    Today I have the opportunity to review Deep House & Bass sample pack by Sample Magic, a very interesting collection of loops and one shot samples exploring with depth and bass, the darker side of the popular musical genre.

    From the first moment, I realize that I am dealing with a complete set of sounds, Sample Magic taking care of every aspect of Bass House, from one shot drums to vocals. In detail, the WAV collection consists of deep bass loops (61), a huge set of drum loops (198), one shot FX samples (24), various melodic loops (194), one shot drum samples and percussions (280), percussion loops (30), synth loops (59), tops loops (40) and vocal loops (20).

    As you can see, basically you have everything you need, but the list does not end here. It would be unfair not to mention the 5 custom kits for NN -XT, EXS -24, Kontakt, Maschine and Ableton. You will have all one shot drum samples distributed in an accessible way, accelerating the creational process.

    And it would be a big mistake not to write about the MIDI files accompanying the basslines, the music loops and the synthlines. A total of 231 MIDI files will give you the maximum flexibility, you can use your own sounds, to make the necessary adjustments, to add variations or, why not, to build something completely new. Excuse me, but I always get excited when I find MIDI files into collections, it’s like looking over the shoulder of a producer at work. Here- a talented producer.

    In Deep House & Bass, Sample Magic combined simplicity with usability. Therefore, at first glance, loops will seem very simple, but as the track develops, you will notice that they were designed to build in a non-intrusive way, so your producer ego will not be affected. There is nothing wrong to make use of a starter kit.

    Audio demo:

    Taking the basslines as example, they are plain and often with an overflowing modesty, but the connoisseurs will appreciate the weight and sound quality in an overall mix.

    Instead, the melodic musical loops are 194 exercises, 194 pages in the book becoming more interesting as you read it. The plot is maintained with piano arpeggios, Detroit chords, airy and magical synths, sprinkled with spasmodic approaches like vocal chops, defect drones, impulsive basses and much more.

    Sample Magic are well-known for their one shot drum samples and here are some of the finest. They’ve got you covered with professional claps & snares, hi-hats, kicks and percussions. Some of the best niche samples that I’ve listened to lately.

    It would be so much to say, but I don’t want to become boring. All I can add is that I highly recommend this sample pack, I am sure you will not regret your investment. Deep & Bass House costs  from £4.90 to £34.90 for the complete collection. You can customize your package, by choosing just the SFX for example, or only the drum loops, combine them with music loops etc.
    If you don’t have money for all the content, I recommend you to start with the music loops, you will surely end up buying the whole collection.

    Deep House & Bass sample pack is a real badass!

    More info:

    Deep House & Bass sample pack by Sample Magic

    HighLife Samples

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