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    Loopmasters releases Synth Explorer – TR505 sample pack (free loops inside)


    Loopmasters has released Synth Explorer – TR505, a sample pack featuring a collection of beats and drum shots from the often overlooked Roland TR-505 drum machine.

    Whilst many of you analogue purists will be scoffing at the idea this machine could come toe to toe with a TR909, the raw digital sounds of the Roland TR505 come alive with a little help of circuit bends and extra processing so before you make an early judgement listen up and hear how we have transformed the sounds of this unassuming rhythm machine into the ultimate urban beat terrorist.

    The TR505 was released in 1986 and was intended as a budget portable drum machine featuring 16 crunchy 12Bit samples including Kick, Snare, Toms, Rim Shot, Hi Hats, Crash and Ride Cymbals and some basic percussion sounds. It featured an on-board sequencer with 5 basic modes of operation including Track Play, Track Write, Step Write, Tap Write and Real Time.

    The full commercial version of Synth Explorer – TR505 contains loops and one shot samples, with a wide range of sessions for popular genres like techno, dubstep, drum & bass and experimental electronica.

    The one shot sounds were recorded directly from a real TR-505 and twisted through DIY circuit bends, with external processing including distortion, phaser, delay, reverb and flanger effects.

    Synth Explorer – TR505 sample pack has a total of 385MB of 24-bit/44.1KHz sounds, split into 100 Twisted Drum Loops with BPM range of 90 up to 175, plus 448 single shot sounds, 100 Rex2 files and 28 soft sampler patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, nnxt and Sfz formats.

    The Synth Explorer – TR505 ful ZIP package costs £14.95, you can also opt for the loops only (£9.95) or just the one shot samples and sampler patches priced at £10.95.

    I added below a pack of 10 free WAV loops taken from the full library, they are 100% royalty free for use in your own productions, including the commercial ones. If you like them, you might consider purchasing the full commercial release.


    Synth Explorer – TR505 free sampler

    More info:

    Synth Explorer – TR505 sample pack

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