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    Simeon F G Smith releases free Old Camera Sample Pack


    Simeon F G Smith has announced the release of Old Camera Sample Pack, a free collection featuring sounds of vintage cameras.

    I sampled the clicks and whirs of four of my film cameras: the Lomo Lubitel, the Smena Cosmic Symbol, the Diana F and the Action Sampler.

    Please feel free to download the samples and use them freely. Let me know if they end up in any finished work – I’d be interested to see what becomes of these recordings.

    Audio demos:

    At first sight I thought this is just another sample pack for hipsters, but while browsing the samples, I found some interesting and usable sounds. The mechanical sounds are perfect for creating percussion tracks, build-ups etc.

    The recordings quality is sharp and all samples are provided as 24-bit WAV files. Old Camera Sample Pack is available via Soundcloud, you’ll have to download each file one by one. Not a big effort considering the value of these. Enjoy!

    More info:

    Free Old Camera Sample Pack

    HighLife Samples

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