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    Elektronik Presets for Free VST Vol.1 by Nuclear Loops released


    Nuclear Loops has announced the release of Elektronik Presets for Free VST Vol.1, a new collection of presets for a suite of free instrument plugins- Tyrell N6, Dune BE and MauSynth.

    Each soundbank contains 30 various presets (leads, keys, basses, pads) suitable for EDM productions.

    In order to use the presets, you’ll need the following virtual plugins installed:

    The popular Tyrell N6, an inspired conjunction of u-he and Amazonas.de forum – born after a reader survey and built after ideas for a low-cost hardware analogue synth. Based on a design similar to Roland’s classic Juno 60, Tyrell N6 is already a classic too among amateur and advanced producers. Download Tyrell N6 here.

    Dune BE was at one time offered for free by German magazine Beat, the stripped-down version being now an… internet legend :) So, unfortunately I can’t guide you to a download link, maybe ask a friend, or browse through your backup downloads…

    The good news is that Mausynth is still available for free. Its author Pekka Kauppila states that the polyphonic analog-modeling subtractive synthesizer can create all sorts of awesome sounds. Mausynth is available in 32 and 64-bit versions for Windows and you can download it here in three skin versions.

    Back to Nuclear Loops, the second volume of soundbanks will cover another three free synths – Zebralette, Free Alpha and Carbon. Which Carbon, we’ll find out then :).

    Elektronik Presets for Free VST Vol.1 is available via Mega.

    More info:

    Elektronik Presets for Free VST Vol.1

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