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    57 free Podolski presets by Shpitz Audio released


    Shpitz Audio has announced the release of a free preset bank for u-he’s freeware virtual synth Podolski.

    I just love U-he’s synths. They all sound warm and fat. I also love the fact that he gives some of his synths for free. This synth has a very basic architecture. Only 1 oscillator, 1 filter and 1 envelope.

    It also has a cool arpeggiator and handy delay and flanger effects. You will be amazed how many different sounds you can make from such a simple synth.

    Download free Podolski virtual instrument

    The 57 free Podolski presets are distributed in arps (10), basses (5), keys (7), kick (1), leads (2), pads (7), percs (6), rhythmic (7) and SFX (12).

    The soundbank is available for instant download at Shpitz Audio; no registration is required.

    More info:

    57 free Podolski presets

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