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    25 free Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation released


    Tibrea Marian of Music Sensation blog, returns with a new soundbank for Toxic Biohazard, this time with 25 presets crafted for EDM.

    The predominant ingredient in modern songs is the rhythm, and most people do very well when it comes to rhythm.

    Music is built out of 3 big elements: melodic intent, harmony and rhythm. Each element is extremely complex in itself, but at least the basic notions can be understood.

    But in this article I won’t tell you about the elements that make up music. I want to give you for free a sound library and I am convinced you will be impressed.

    On the Internet, you will find an ocean of sounds, presets and samples. You just have to do a quick search, and thousands upon thousands of results will come up.

    There is another problem, though: how much of what you find actually sounds spectacular? A very small number, that is for sure, considering the sound avalanche on the internet.

    Video demo:

    The collection consists of 25 presets:

    • 2 basses
    • 1 brass
    • 1 ethnic
    • 2 flutes
    • 1 fantasy
    • 1 pad
    • 1 pluck
    • 2 pianos
    • 4 saw leads
    • 5 voxes
    • 5 synths

    I tried all the presets, they’re somehow bread and butter sounds with great usability in pop melodies, club house music etc. They have an East European feel, being perfect for re-creating those hooks and phrases found in Balkanic house music.

    About two weeks ago I wrote about another collection of Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation, you can read the article here. Try also Helge Ohlenbostel’s Toxic Planet- a super collection of 100 free Toxic Biohazard presets, they are still available here.

    The 25 free Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation are available for instant download in one zipped file. No registration is required. If you like the presets, you can leave a comment at Music Sensation blog.

    More info:

    25 free Toxic Biohazard presets by Music Sensation

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