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    Ricardo F. Gomes releases Cybermath free wavetable synthesizer VSTi


    Ricardo F. Gomes has announced the release of a free beta version of Cybermath, a wavetable synthesizer VST instrument for Windows.

    My target with this synthesizer is to make some tool that allow you to make pretty much every desirable sound (in terms of synths obviously) , its not much advanced in terms of detail, there are things where you cant do it in presize measures… this might not be a good synth to make kicks per example, but i think to create inspiring patches or to create very unique sounds, this might be fun to experiment, i have tryed most modern synths, they sound amazing, there are great plugins today, but really… some are not fun to use at all, either because they seem overcomplex, or the flow its not exacly streight forward…

    So my goal with this plugin was to make something that you can very quickly immerse into what your doing,
    each unit or module has its own window in order to not overcrowd with options in a single view… as i think it helps to navigate better…

    The plugin is currently in beta stage, but is allready fully functional. Available format: Windows 32-bit VST.

    Cybermath is available for instant download (no registration required).

    More info:

    Cybermath free wavetable synthesizer VSTi

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