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    Rhythmic Robot releases PanaRhythm- free analogue snare unit for Kontakt


    Rhythmic Robot has announced the release of PanaRhythm, a free analogue snare unit machine for Kontakt by Native Instruments.

    PanaRhythm is sampled from a tiny analogue Panasonic drum machine we found at a car boot sale. Its kick and hats are so-so, but the snare really pops and has a great, up-front analogue sound. We’ve spread it over a whole octave to give it some pitch variation so it can blend into a lot of different mixes.

    A bit of saturation and compression are built right in. We really like this sound: rope in your kick of choice and you’re good to go!

    The PanaRhythm- free analogue snare machine for Kontakt is part of the Freebies section at Rhythmic Robot, including an 8-bit synthesizer module, a SID-chip synthesizer, another analogue drum machine and a cool metronome beat unit.

    Rhythmic Robot has also announced a 33% off everything sale which is valid until the end of February; to benefit of discount, simply apply coupon code MONGOMADNESS at checkout.

    Speaking of checkout, in order to download the PanaRhythm freebie, you’ll need to add it to basket, then proceed to basket content, checkout and so on. This instrument works with full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 and above – Kontakt 5 being fully supported.

    More info:

    PanaRhythm- free analogue snare unit for Kontakt

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