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    Falls A Star releases Stexag free VST plugin


    Falls A Star has announced the release of Stexag, a free plugin for Windows acting like a stereo exciter (it exaggerates the spectrum).

    Stexag is a stereo version of PVEXAG from Richard Dobson’s PVOC Suite. It exaggerates (or suppresses) spectral peaks, but now in stereo and with some features for additional audio abuse.


    • independent left/right channel exaggeration
    • mix and stereo spread parameters
    • feedback
    • ridiculous values allowed for FFT bin size and overlap (= generally more dirt)

    Stexag is for Windows, both 32 and 64-bit versions being available for download in same compressed file. This plugin comes without any custom GUI, once you’ll load it into FL Studio, it will look like a native plugin.

    More info:

    Stexag free VST plugin

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